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Dr. Bruce Grossan of the University of California Space Sciences Lab and the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics right of center.  Far left: 2 of 3 BSTI cameras and dichroics on NUTelA-TAO telescope. At left of center, SN 1994I: A massive, exploding star in the Whirlpool galaxy (M51) recorded in the Infra-Red (2.1 micron K' band), taken at the Wyoming IR Observatory (WIRO) 4/16/94. The galaxy is about 9 Mpc (~27 Million Light-Years) distant. At right, the ELFLOCK (Eureka-LBNL Lockman Hole) map, the largest, most sensitive map of a low-dust region made with the Spitzer 160 µm Camera. The cosmic far-IR background that I study in this image comes from galaxies at z~ 1, about 8 billion light years distant, emitted at a time whe the universe was about half its present age.



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