APT Gamma-Ray Burst Counterpart Search

1. SODoM Southern Ot Database Machine
2. SOFA Southern Optical transient FActory
 Saul Perlmutter(1), Bruce Grossan(1), Michael Ashley(2)
(1)Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley (CfPA and Space Sience Lab), (2)Univ. New South Wales, Australia  


  • 98 May 28 - APT begins mosaic observations of field of 980527. Preliminary Reduction: no obvious (bright) candidates at this time. Refined subtractions and candidate identification in progress.
  • 98 May 22 - APT on Patrol for GRBs!

  • Nightly monitoring of GRB980425/SN1998bw begins in V. Light Curve in progress.
  • BG, the "leading Gamma-Ray Burst Hunter", makes page 1 of the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • 11/97 Project Description Presented at 4th Huntsville GRB Conference, published in proceedings.
  • 9/97 APT project awarded GRO grant.
  • ~8/97 APT project awarded NSF SGER grant.
  • Successful Observations
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    Handy GRB Facts

    BATSE Burst Rate

    The BATSE burst rate = 1637/5.36=305.4 bursts/year.
    From the preamble to the web version of the 4B: "This file specifies the locations and times for 1637 triggered gamma-ray bursts observed from 19 April, 1991 until 29 August, 1996."

    Localization Rate

     Total GCN Prompt Rate= 180/year, 100 per year with 68% diameter < 24 deg.s


    52-104 per year.

    Spelling of BeppoSAX

    Beppo in honor of Giuseppe (Beppo) Occhialini, SAX must be all capitalized to stand for Satellite italiano per Astronomia X, MOOSHED TOGETHER - NO SPACE. 1997A&AS..122..299B