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The IEU-MS-DESI Fiber Testing (IBBOSS) Wiki

Welcome to the New 2013 Wiki of the IEU/Ewha Fiber Test Program working with the MS-DESI collaboration and experiment. Originally, MS-DESI was BigBOSS, so IEU-BigBOSS fiber test program was shortened to IBBOSS.

Bruce Grossan is the lead scientist carrying out measurements and experimental design;
Jongmann Yang is the Ewha-IEU Supervising Professor;
Changrim Ahn and George Smoot are IEU Members;
Sunin Lim is our capable and hard-working physics graduate student;
Wil Meijer of cal-poly San Luis Obispo is our guest engineer designer and machinist extraordinaire.

Please note that we are in transition to our new wiki format and many pages are stubs for now (2013 Dec.)


During 2014 June Visit,

  • We measured no damage during simulated proposed DESI Assembly procedures
  • We had a stable, believable set of twist measurements - PROGRESS!!!



* Blog - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - History - Project Decision Points

Fiber Testing

Lab Hardware

* Lab/Hardware - Hardware Components, Instrumentation, Tools, Lab Computers Hardware holdings, specs, references, and other information.


Reference Library

* Info Library Includes info on fibers, spectrographs, & papers of interest old:Info Library

IBBOSS Documents

* ibbossdocs IBBOSS Document Collection - Includes Personal Document Libraries and Formal and Informal Reports old:internallib

Dates & Schedules

* Notable Dates and Schedules

Telecon Notes & Minutes

* Telecon Notes or Minutes


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mediawiki: more slick. Toolbar buttons better. Text sits in data base; images in image sub-sub directories with unpredictable names. Hell to back up or move/duplicate.

docuwiki: Exactly what I need - easy to back up and duplicate. All files just sit in the data directory under docuwikis/wikiname/data/media or /data/pages.

Why Docuwiki for IBBOSS

The IBBOSS Anything Korean (previously Restaurant) Review database

This is a permanent work in progress. All columns will likely never be complete.

Seoul Restaurants incl. Ratings and Critical Directions

Dear Users: Please add comments and restaurants.

Well, someone had to bring Fred's map (with tag colors that don't match pen colors…?) into the next millennium!

Name Style/Dish Type Location Distance Example Item and Price Rating 1-10 Comments date confirmed map
Ewha Area
Aangan (was First Nepal) Indian out Ewha gate, right at hirise dept store, end of second blk on left. 7 min THali 15000 ? George used to go 2013 Summer googmap
Vicolo Italian down about 2 blks on road perp to Ewha gate; set back from street 5 min Pasta/Risotto 15000 1 Execrable risotto, “weird tasting” pasta, STAY AWAY! 2013 Dec 18 37.559131, 126.944250 (approx)
“ticket machine tonkatsu” Japanese Tonkatsu first alley behind soccer field; behind first restaurant W of gate 3 min Tonkatsu 5000Won 7 Really tasty but cheap tonkatsu 2013 Dec 20 turn right out gate R again before first restaurant; left at sign for 5000Won lunch.
Tandoori Indian from Ewha Gate, last left before metro, up two blocks, on right hand side 5 min Lunch Special 7000 5 Lunch Specials ridiculously small 2014 June 4
“The Mool Namyong Place” Korean from Ewha Gate, right 100 m on far side of street, downstairs 3 min 6000 6.8 (last time not enough ice and soup too thin) Best Mool Namyong; a little pricey though; Hayin showed me. 2014 June 6
Sinchon Area
Little Cuba Cuban/Sands+burgers 37.558914,126.935715 100 m past Church on same street 15 min walk Most mains 6000-8000 6 Cuban behind counter; “animal fries” and ribs marginal. Cuban sandwich W7000 good, ask for extra mustard. Amol likes chicken salad ~W10,000 and Baltika Porter beer ~W5000. 2014 April 1 NA
Naan 8 Indian Just before Church on same street 13 min walk Thali 16000Won- high? Spicy! 6.9 Spicy as heck, very greasy naan 2013 Dec 7 NA
Jyoti Indian Exit 5 Sinchon Sta. (look up for sign), street behind main rd. ~ 20 min. Thali for 13000 8 cheaper than most, nice folks, Local Ewha? grad student in family 2013 Summer Goog map
Hongik Area -Restaurants
Cacaoboom Chocolatier/Choc Chaude 37.553887, 126.927921 Past Hyundai; cross at crocodile; go around high-rises; Left 1 blk on Wausan-ro, down hill R at tom-toms 40 min walk 2300Won single choc. (good!);5500W Hot Choc. (too expensive, dutch cocoa in steamed milk you can make at home) 7.5 fancy expensive choc. 2013 Dec. googmap cacaobooom
Jack's Bean Falafel Down the street from Cocoboom 40 min wrap ~ 6000W 7 sand. good not satisfying, try wrap 2013 Dec. googmap Jacksbean
Cafe Source Japanese + Pasta 37.553292,126.92484 by Hongik U gate 40 min walk Pasta 12000 Moffles 6000 Moffles 8 Pasta 7 Bruce Favorite 2013 Oct NA
Istanbul Kebab Doner Kebab 37.555818, 126.924394 near Pork Cheek Place 30 min walk Cheap ~4000 7 Wish we had one here 2013 Oct NA
Pork Cheek Place Korean BBQ 20 m down from Istanbul Kebab 30 min walk ?15000? 8 Best BBQ around 2013 Oct NA
Joy & Curry Indian Up side street from big pedestrian street Hongik; close to Jack's Beans 30 min walk Thali 10.9kWon 7 Bargain- not as great as Jyoti but cheaper, balcony and oddball halloween deco compensates 2014 Jul,+Mapo-gu,+Seoul,+South+Korea+(136-18+Eoulmadang-ro)/@37.55601,126.92513,15z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x357c98c24cf31d39:0xf54dbc5b267cef76!2s347-9+Seogyo-dong,+Mapo-gu,+Seoul,+South+Korea+(136-18+Eoulmadang-ro)!3b1!3m1!1s0x357c98c24cf31d39:0xf54dbc5b267cef76 37.5556478,126.9254626
Happy Lucky Day Korean BBQ with emphasis on skewers On the walk to Hongik; Not so far from Buddhist temple 23 min walk Skewerers 12kWaon ?Rating Scheduled Nice Brazilian girl, family who speak English Sidewalk Sample 2014 Jul°33'16.6%22N+126°55'51.9%22E/@37.55467,126.93105,15z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x0:0x0!2zMzfCsDMzJzE2LjYiTiAxMjbCsDU1JzUxLjkiRQ!3b1!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 37.554611, 126.931091
Hongik Area -Other
Ian Style Hair Salon end of fancy street Wausan-ro 29 gil on way to Hongik 02 324 2522 30 min walk 20,000 including shampoo! 8 Bruce Favorite 2013 Dec.
AmyChoco Chocolatier 524-18 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎+82 2-512-3747 ‎line 3 or red or orange/Sinsa Station About 8 stops +15 min walk if you don't get lost 2500/micro-chocolate 6000/hot choc. about 13000/bar 8 Hot Choc. up to a reasonable paris standard, but not as viscous as the best. Chocolates very good, but not the best, Dark choc. recommended, green tea choc. not recc. 2014 Mar 1 Googmap amychoco

Rating System

0-10 - Ratings must rate FOOD TASTE ONLY; other in comments.

Rating meaning
0 torture
1 pain
2 everything is substandard, no pleasure
3 ok if in hurry - microwaved old sands - no pleasure but no pain
4 below average
5 average OK
6 favorite only of some
7 Very solid good in all areas = local favorite
8 Best of its type in Area
9 Really Great
10 Top Restaurants on Earth

Note that the Amy Choco address above is correct, verified 2014 Mar 1. AT THIS TIME ALL OTHER ADDRESSES ON THE WEB ARE WRONG!!!! Use the correct address and/or geocoords or else you will have a difficult time finding it.


Best to have a link to google maps with geocoords. Geocoords can be used on my phone without connection or data link.

Getting Geocoords:

Phone - on iPhone, bookmark the location, then click on “share” - very subtle; must get directions pane then right-click so coords show in window.

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